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Employer Promise

Provide a “REMARK”able work environment that offers competitive pay, flexible yet consistent hours, growth opportunities, and modeled leadership principles that apply outside the restaurant while being a clean and safe place to work

We strive to create a “REMARK”able work environment. We understand you have many options to choose from where to work. We are honored to have you on our team! We attract Team Members who have very busy lives outside of work and offer flexible hours. Everyone is working towards financial goals and we want to offer a competitive wage to help as you save for the future. We offer clear ways to grow and options to make working in a restaurant a viable career opportunity. As we continue to grow the business, so does our need for strong leaders. Whether your dream job is something outside the restaurant industry, a full time career on our Leadership Team, or owning our very own Chick-fil-A franchise, our goal is to provide you the training needed to succeed. Chick-fil-A conducts business based on biblical leadership principles. Principles are timeless and true, not just in a restaurant or business but in life. We hope these modeled leadership principles help you become the best version of yourself!

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