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Provide “REMARK”able experiences on both sides of the counter.

We do this by: Serving fresh food, quickly, in a clean environment by a team that LOVES people and enjoys their job.

Mission is HOW.  This is how we accomplish our Vision and Purpose!

This idea of providing “REMARK”able experiences is all about execution. We want to be known by our guests as a great restaurant. We want our guests to have such a great experience that they leave full and refreshed! Fresh food served quickly in a clean environment is really Restaurant 101. Consumers everywhere expect this from any restaurant. Every restaurant knows this but not every restaurant does this with excellence. If we don’t execute these three, we lose the trust of our guests.

Our Team is why guests choose to dine with us! We are known for having a team of people who care about others so much that it’s part of our vision, to Love People! Combine our great people, who go above and beyond to build positive relationships, with our commitment to the taste of food, speed of service, and clean environment, we will be known as being “REMARK”able!

The second part of our Mission is all about the environment we create for our team. Just as much as we want to be known as “REMARK”able to our guests, we want to be known as a great place to work! We want our team to enjoy what they do. A third of our life is spent working and life is too short to work somewhere you don’t enjoy. Working in a restaurant is not always glamorous. The work is hard and the days are long. We make a difference in the lives of our guest’s and in the Easton community. As a team, we are a part of something much bigger than any one individual could ever accomplish. Our hope is at the end of your shift you leave tired but fulfilled in knowing that you are on a path of accomplishing your financial goals while being a part of something that matters!

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